The H1900 is our smallest standard offering. This guitar is excellent for finger pickers who are looking for strong treble projection with a high level of clarity that will help to stand out from the crowd. The top bracing is kept as light as possible to deliver a responsive playing experience and excellent projection up and down the neck. A 12 fret neck helps to enhance the lower frequencies by increasing the instrument's volume while the 14 fret option increases upper fret access while offering a voice that cuts through.

Adirondack spruce is a superb choice for the top of this guitar when available. Of course, a Sitka spruce top also works very well and provides a more traditional tightly grained appearance. Back and side woods that work well in this style are rosewood, koa, mahogany, walnut, and white oak.

Standard Specifications:

  • Body Width 14-3/8"

  • Body Length 18-13/16" (14 fret) or 20-1/2" (12 fret)

  • Body Depth 4-1/8"

  • Scale Length 24-9/10"


The H1910 is a grand concert-sized guitar that offers an incredible balance of tonality, volume, and playability. Its comfortable proportions are perfect for a long night of picking and strumming. The H1910 is well suited for a wide variety of playing styles and genres. While the area of the top is larger than that of an H1900, the bracing is still kept lighter than is possible with factory-made guitars since each instrument is evaluated for stiffness and responsiveness while the braces are tuned by hand.

The H1920 comes standard build with a Sitka spruce top that has hand-split spruce braces. Back and side woods that work especially well in this style are rosewood, koa, mahogany, and cocobolo.

Standard Specifications:

  • Body Width 15-1/4"

  • Body Length 19-3/8" (14 fret)

  • Body Depth 4-1/4"

  • Scale Length 24-9/10" or 25-4/10"


When you just need to be heard-especially with a fiddle and banjo or mandolin-the H1930 is a great option. This big-bodied Dreadnought guitar provides fantastic bass response, but unlike some similar instruments, it delivers a balanced response from the lowest to the highest notes. This is in part due to the time an attention taken to scallop the braces to improve tone and projection. A twelve-fret neck is available as an option for even more enhanced balance, note separation, and dynamic range.

The H1930 is typically built with a Sitka spruce top. Back and side woods that work well in this style are rosewood, koa, and mahogany or even exotics like zebra wood.

Standard Specifications:

  • Body Width 15-7/8"

  • Body Length 19-15/16" (14 fret) or 20-15/16 (12 fret)

  • Body Depth 4-7/8"

  • Scale Length 25-4/10"


The H1940 is our largest standard body style. And like you may expect, it simply delivers more. More volume, more balance, more awesome. The large top is made to respond well to all frequencies and playing up the neck works incredibly well despite what may be expected from an instrument of this size.

Sitka spruce works well as a top on the H1940. With the large body style, denser back and side woods like rosewood, cherry, and maple tend to work very well. However, woods like koa or walnut can add a bit of warmth and midrange for those who prefer it.

Standard Specifications:

  • Body Width 16"

  • Body Length 20-1/8" (14 fret)

  • Body Depth 4-7/8""

  • Scale Length 25-4/10"