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In a world where 90% of the guitars sold are copies of sixty year old designs, Halliday Guitars offers options to set you apart from the pack. One of the main reasons for choosing to order an instrument from a custom builder is the unique opportunity to participate in the design process and have an instrument built to your exact specifications. With four unique body styles, four body construction methods including a full hollow body with the Deluxe inset top which is only available from a small handful of guitar makers, and options for customizing everything from pickups to neck profile, every Halliday electric guitar is truly one of a kind.

But a unique instrument is not worth owning if it does not also deliver on sound, playability, function, aesthetic appeal, and quality. Halliday guitars provide all of these along with innovations both minor and major. It all starts with the selection of materials. The overall design of the instrument is developed in consultation with the customer going into every detail including wood types, trim details, inlay, neck profile, scale length, and many others. Every board used is hand selected and laid out for optimum tonal and aesthetic performance. Only high quality electronics and hardware are used with the intent of delivering the sound and stability that the discriminating player is looking for. This level of attention to detail and personal involvement throughout the entire instrument making process is a benefit only found when buying from custom makers.

Standard Features:

      - Hand fit set neck to maximize stability
      - Output jack oriented higher than standard to prevent interference when playing seated
      - Back relief/tummy cut on all body styles including full hollow
      - Ebony fretboard
      - Ebony-capped pinned tailpiece on hollow bodies
      - Fully grounded strings
      - Hand cut bone nut
      - Environmentally friendly finishes
      - Hand soldered electronics
      - Shielded wiring
      - Dual pickups

Optional Features:

      - Deluxe inset hand-carved top
      - Forearm contour (thinline only)
      - Custom inlay
      - Tremolo systems
      - Custom switching options
      - Piezo pickup in hollow bodies with stereo output