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One vision, one craftsman, one instrument

Each instrument is the product of one pair of hands. Each element is selected and crafted to contribute harmoniously to the vision of the finished instrument. The finished product is the culmination of three fundamental design considerations. These are:

Timbre – The character of the sound. It is the result of the choice of woods, instrument shape, structural design, and the builder’s ability to manipulate these elements to give the desired voice to the instrument.

Playability – In short the instrument is a tool in the hands of the player. It must fit the musician as to best allow him to express himself to the listener.

Aesthetics – The artistic design of an instrument makes a powerful statement. The carefully selected beautiful woods and materials from which the instrument is constructed should speak in an understated and elegant way.

When one pays for a handmade instrument, the care and attention to every detail contributing to the quality that the term “handmade” implies should be expected. Woods chosen for tops, backs and sides, necks, and other components should be chosen for their ability to work together to produce the sound, appearance, and playability desired. Brace wood should be hand split for durability and effectiveness. The instrument should be built for generations to come. And, perhaps most importantly, the customer should be integrally involved in the design process. That is why you turn to a hand builder. That is what you get in a Halliday instrument.

Gary Halliday
Royal Oak, Michigan